Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ready to go?

All my bags are packed.  But am I ready to go?

Sure what the heck... It's only the longest flight that I've ever been on. That's a big deal in and of itself.  I mean a visit to a new continent is pretty cool.  However, there's a much bigger thing happening than just the trip itself.  I'll meet my son for the first time and bring him home on.  I've described this as a last minute vacation where I'll be bringing home a life changing souvineer.  While the later is true (although Jae's more than a souvineer), the former doesn't feel like a great description.

The nerves about this trip are hard to describe.  Will Jae recognize my wife and I from pictures?  Will Jae be able to relate that those two people in a small 4"x6" picture are actually life size people just like his foster family that has been taken care of him for over a year? 

When will be be able to "keep" him for good? Just before the flight? Or on Friday before the flight, giving us a whole three days to get acquianted before the flight back home?  TBD...

I'm really excited for this next part in my life.

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