Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Korean words and phrases

In a prior post I mentioned that I don't know too many Korean words.  However, I have picked up enough to be somewhat useful and I'll share some of these words and phrases here.  Typing them also might help me remember them better.  Here goes:

Hello: An-young-ah-say-yo
Thank you: Gamsa Hamnida
Yes: Ne
No: Anio
Thank you for the meal: time-mo-go-sa-ne-da
Delicious: my-see-saw-yo
cold water: naengsu
How much is this?: egor all-my-oh
It's too expensive: Neomu bissayo

Korean Barbeque: pure-go-gee
street food: pun-she
spicy rice cakes: doc-bog-gi
fried dumplings: mon-da-chichen
fried vegatables: ah-to-chichen
fried sweet pototoes: coo-coo-ma-tigen
fish cakes: oo-dang
sushi: min-pop

100: baek
1000: chun
2000: icheon
10,000: man

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