Monday, November 3, 2014

National Adoption Month

National Adoption month doesn't get nearly the publicity that other months get like breast cancer awareness month, black history month, or especially recently Movember. Nothing against any of these but for the month of November I'm going to try to resurect my blog and update it as frequently as I can with issues related to adoption.  (comment: I started this on November 1st, saved it as a draft and am only now, on 11/15 finishing it up, so my plan of updating often doesn't seem likely.)

To kick off my first entry in over three years let me begin with stating every child, kid, person deserves a a chance to live a good life.  That life should be with parents that care about them, love them and can provide for them.  Everyone has something special to offer, a gift, talent or ability that can make them unique.  When kids spend their childhoods without parents the chances of them discovering this gift greatly dismissed.  

Just look at the New York City Marathon wheelchair female winner Tatyana McFadden.  She was adopted and by winning the NYC  marathon, she won the grandslam of marathon wheelchair racing. That means that she won the Chicago, Boston, New York and London marathons all in one year, becoming the only person to ever do this... And she's done this twice.  What's my point here? She was adopted.  If she hadn't been adopted, I bet she would not have the good life that she has today. She lives with spina bifida and by all accounts lives quite well.

There are so many good kids in need of a good home out there.  Think about giving one a good loving home.