Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First meeting with Violet

Holy cow! That went a lot better than I could have imagined.

Since this is our second time adopting my expectations were realistic when it came to meeting Violet for the first time on Tuesday. When we first met Jae he barely acknowledged Angie and I other than to occasionally check out what we were trying to lure him over to us with.

When Violet first came into the room in which we were waiting, it was one of those dreams that adopting parent's have, that is all together unrealistic.  She walked right over to me and looked at me for a couple seconds and gave me a hug. It is obvious that her foster mother had prepped her for our meeting by showing Vi pictures that we had sent of Angie and I in care packages over the last couple years.  That was all we could do up until now to help with the transition from foster family to forever family; send her pictures of us and even the dog and cat and pictures of our house.

It was a big day, exciting, to say the very least.  However it was also a relief, knowing that maybe just maybe the transition for little Violet will be easier than what I remember it was for Jae.  Now I'd be a fool to not admit that having a playmate in Jae seems to also be beneficial and a "role-model" for Vi.

Angie and Violet also seemed to have a connection that is already "motherly" as Violet stared into her Mom's eyes several times.

Today we see her again for another hour before we have to leave her for several more weeks.

Here's to hoping that meeting number two goes as good or even better than meeting number one.

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